Today, due to constant market competition and economic pressure, all businesses need to stay ahead of the digital transformation trend in their business. The application of innovative tools and techniques is the reason for the birth of the ERP framework in corporate governance.

Benefits of an ERP Framework for business

Benefits of an ERP Framework for business

What is erp framework?

An ERP (enterprise resource planning) framework or ERP management solution is a collection of modern technology applications to coordinate and enhance business process management.

ERP software helps business owners or managers receive information, control all activities between departments in the business model, for example: HR, finance, CRM, procurement, compliance and risk management ro, production network tasks, etc.

An ideal ERP system is when a single database is used and contains all the data. Similar to an integrated enterprise software “stack”. That stack contains a central database surrounded by many plug-ins.

Each piece of software is tailored to meet a specific business need. To list these needs include financial management, manufacturing, supply chain, customer relations, and business support functions, among others.

The ERP framework is built on a set of small pieces of code built on the following principles:

A central database contains all records of company information and the databases that support the center.

They provide built-in features organized into a system such as models, APIs, and other elements to simplify the development of applications. Frameworks of ERP are like we have a prefabricated house with a basic foundation, you just need to build and interior as you like.

Benefits of an ERP software framework in building systems?

The ERP framework intends to accelerate the online purchasing process, improve the interactive performance between customers and the system, and also provide a safe environment for payment services and data storage.

Simplify work for developers

Later on, websites/apps require more functionality so developers are always faced with more complex code. Thanks to the Framework, the programmer’s work has been greatly reduced.

General features such as login, registration, database connection, etc. are basic features that any website/application has. The available frameworks help the developer to set up these basic functionalities so that the developer can focus on coding more complex functions.

Save time and effort when building an ERP system for your business

For basic functions, developers can use the Framework so that they don’t have to re-code from scratch, saving a lot of time and effort in system development. An available ERP Framework helps us to significantly reduce the time spent developing and deploying plug-in software. It’s like a pre-existing foundation that you just need to decorate or because you dig the foundation from scratch.

Helps the management system operate smoothly, with few errors

ERP framework will help us avoid duplicate or redundant code, so the testing work also happens quickly. Limiting errors will help developers / testers save a lot of time in finding and fixing bugs.

Don’t be afraid to be outdated

Everyone can create their own Framework and share for the Open Source Framework. An ERP Framework is always improved continuously in functionality thanks to the sharing from programmers with each other.

How many types of erp system framework?

Currently, if you are a system administrator, you will receive a lot of offers from ERP software providers. However, no one has carefully explained to you about the types of ERP frameworks, the foundation for building an application management system.

In fact, there are many frameworks for back-end, front-end, mobile applications… The most popular are probably web ERP frameworks and mobile ERP frameworks.

Web erp framework: is a complete framework written in a programming language, which is a collection of software used to streamline web applications and web site development, web services, and web resources.

As we all know, to create a website we use up to 3 component languages ​​which are HTML, CSS and Javascript then combine with a server scripting language such as PHP, ASP.NET, JAVA.. For each component, we have different frameworks, they are created for the purpose of building a perfect ERP system, maximizing the potential of the website in the sales process and business administration.

Frameworks for mobile apps: make it possible to write code once and run on iOS and Android.They can connect to the ERP system via the internet to make the administration process more convenient and faster.

Cloud erp adoption framework: a pre-built framework based on the Cloud ERP system. It helps support daily business operations by integrate the organization’s back-end systems in the cloud environment and connected by the Internet.

In general, the cloud ERP framework and the integrated web-based purchasing application allow user companies to process online purchasing transactions with short operation time and increased business efficiency; in the meantime, the framework also reduces security risks attached to the public cloud.

How to use it effectively for your system?

For managers responsible for meeting IT needs from users as well as executives, if you have one or more frameworks for ERP in place, encourage your team to develop multiple features of the framework. Which ensures increased speed, choice and control over your application development projects while minimizing risks and delays.

Particular focus is needed on sales modules including Payment Process, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Cash Management, as well as Currency and Multi-Currency Conversion.

For low-tech or non-tech people, choose an ERP platform with the best framework. It’s the one that addresses all of its tactical and strategic goals and saves costs.

Enterprise Resource Planning systems improve efficiency, save costs and ultimately increase your chances of success. However, you must choose the right ERP solution, which is built upon a perfect ERP framework.

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