Odoo ERP ready-made apps are a collection of apps that work together to complete a business and management solution, it’s Odoo apps. Odoo delivers your business management solution using a comprehensive Modular Approach, which means you’ll get over 3000 modules (each with its own set of features).

With the option of extensions for additional functionality and third-party integration from within, you get the best of both worlds. These pre-built Odoo apps work in both online and offline modes and to provide a high level of data security in both cases. A system that you can install and use.

odoo apps

Advantages of Odoo app

Odoo apps helps you save time

To begin, ready-made software is widely available. All that remains is for you to purchase and install the software. It is not necessary to wait for developers to customize it to your specific business requirements. Off-the-shelf software is available, saving your company a significant amount of time.

Custom, ready-made Odoo apps take a long time to create, both from the user’s and the software developer’s perspective.

The user must explain the basic business requirement to the software developer, who will build or modify the software based on his understanding, then test that with dummy data & debug it to the best of his abilities before handing it over to the client or user.

Ensured Effectiveness

As a byproduct of their expertise, experts create ready-made software. A group of experienced professionals develops ready-to-use software. As a result, it addresses issues that might otherwise be overlooked when designing user-specific software. It is not necessary to waste time developing, testing, or launching applications. The company can easily install the program after purchasing it.

Unless it is brand new, readymade software has a track record of previous users. User testimonials and comments are easily gathered, allowing one to assess the credibility and functionality of the software application. Without a doubt, the premade software will be a tried and true technology.

Odoo apps that are ready to use are the result of extensive research, intuitive development techniques, other factors and pre-launch testing. It is designed to meet the needs of a large industry rather than a single user or business. As a result, a business should avoid wasting time fixing bugs and other flaws in the workflow.

These pre-built Odoo apps are entirely dependent on the developer you hire. You must exercise extreme caution when selecting a developer to work on software for your company. Because the developer you hire may or may not have worked on projects similar to yours in the past.

As a result, the quality or desired effect of the software can only be guaranteed after it has been used. It is critical to remember that only a skilled developer can offer the best solution for increasing its performance and versatility.


Any business is always flooded with economy & profit. Every entrepreneur wants to make the most money with the least amount of effort. Pre-built software could be your best friend in this situation. It is less expensive than developing custom software. Do you want to know why? The reason for this is as follows.

Ready-to-use software is designed with the user in mind, as opposed to for a specific user. It means that the cost of software development is not borne by a single piece of software. Second, custom software necessitates additional expenditures for future modifications. If you outsource your development to a third party, your company is responsible for all costs.

Hired developers frequently demand a large sum of money in exchange for their time and effort.

If your software implementation or customization project takes longer than anticipated, the company will incur additional costs, which could amount to a significant number or burden for the organization. Companies, particularly those in their early stages, will be unable to afford such a large investment. Purchasing ready-made software can be advantageous. With a single payment, you can have your complete & guaranteed software in your hands.

Available Support

Always make the best decision for your company. Because of the significance of implementing these ready-made Odoo apps in any business. The software serves as a catalyst in the business world. It has the potential to increase or decrease the efficiency of your business. As a result, the software you select is critical to the success and smooth operation of your business.

The third and most crucial factor. Before deciding to buy pre-packaged software, one can easily assess the level of support provided by the companies that sell the software. Many of these companies provide training materials to help users get the most out of their software. Many businesses ensure that their pre-made software includes online help and troubleshooting services to ensure that the software is used to its full potential and that customers receive better service.

Odoo apps: Support For Customers

The only distinction between good and bad customer service is the ease with which it can be reached. Odoo offers customer service through a number of convenient and approachable channels. Typically, software resources are limited, but with Odoo, there are several materials online, as well as discussion threads, that are an excellent place to start for any newcomer.

On weekdays, if you’ve paid for Odoo, you’ll have access to bug fixes and support via email. For the Odoo Success Pack, you can get personalized assistance from Odoo specialists via email or chat. Aside from Odoo, several reputable Odoo developers provide 24-hour customer service and will assist you in a variety of ways.


Odoo has a plethora of features that can help businesses achieve their goals. Odoo has two editions: Enterprise and Community, with the Enterprise being paid and the Community Edition being free. If you want to purchase Odoo, you can begin with the Community Edition and then progress to the Enterprise Edition.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks to it that you should be aware of before investing.

There are a few drawbacks to the Odoo apps that you should be aware of:

Problems with Maintenance

Some clients have maintenance issues because the community edition of Odoo requires technical expertise, which they couldn’t afford because their business was still in its early stages.

Pricing Issues

The most common complaint among Odoo users is the pricing complexity. Odoo’s pricing is reasonable until a single module is used; after that, you’ll be charged $30 per month per user in addition to the application’s cost. As a result of billing misunderstandings, the cost of applications rises.


Odoo Apps cover every aspect of your company, from sales to accounting, inventory to product purchase, manufacturing to delivery and everything in between. You can choose any app that best meets your needs and customize it to meet your objectives. Odoo apps work with a variety of platforms, including Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, Salesforce, and many more.

You can buy and install the apps that are most relevant to your company. Odoo Apps that are ready-made integrate seamlessly, giving you access to a single Erp. This gives clients a lot of power in terms of implementation.

So with the advantages and disadvantages of Odoo Apps that Monsterodoo talked about in the above article, do you know if you should choose it for your business? Thank you for reading!