When choosing the right ERP for your business, you may find Odoo as one of the most recommended solutions.

Odoo is one of the most popular ERP solutions with over 4 million users worldwide. It’s an incredibly complete solution aimed mainly at small and medium-sized organizations that require great flexibility.

What is Odoo?

The Odoo ERP system is enterprise resource planning software. It is used throughout the company to handle business operations. Odoo applications are seamlessly integrated with functional business apps to create a complete ERP solution,

Odoo delivers all of the functions that a business needs while reducing the elements that confuse customers. Furthermore, the source code may be customized to meet the specific demands of the organization.

Benefits of Odoo to your business

Odoo ERP or Odoo Software can bring incredible benefits to innovate your business operations and unleash growth.

  • All-in-one single platform

Odoo seamlessly integrates functional business applications in a single platform to form a complete ERP solution that includes HR management, Accounting, CRM, Sales Management, etc.

  • Streamline processes

Odoo software can enable automation and provide an overview check quickly and easily. For example, after your sales team win a contract, the system can automatically generate a sale order and inform related departments. Or, you can check the stocks in all the inventory with a few clicks.

  • Enhance collaboration and Boost productivity

By automating processes and allowing instant access to data, your employees can avoid tedious tasks, get more work done and enhance collaboration.

  • Accurate reports for data-driven decision making

As the Odoo system centralizes and keeps updating data in real-time, you can have accurate and visual reports easily with a few clicks to ensure data-driven decision-making.

  • Flexibility and Scalability

By providing a broad selection of modules and applications, you can effectively customize the Odoo system to fit your specific business needs. In a long time, you can freely integrate more apps to enrich your ERP functionality as your business grow.

  • Save operation cost

By helping enhance collaboration and productivity, Odoo enables more tasks done with less time and costs. Moreover, You can have an overview of the whole business’s efficiency with a few clicks. Unprofitable areas and cutting down on waste can be clearly visible.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

Odoo provides a centralized communication tool across all departments. It gives employees access to a birds-eye view of all customer information, from the first point of contact to the latest activity. Thus, when a customer calls for a warranty request or additional orders, the employee can quickly check the customer’s transaction history, preferences, service history, etc. Therefore, he can provide more personalized and dedicated support to satisfy the customer.

Odoo Apps include

As mentioned above, Odoo provides a wide selection of Odoo apps with functionalities for diverse company needs and sectors. Businesses just pay for the applications that they need. All the selected apps will be seamlessly integrated together to form a comprehensive Odoo ERP solution.

Some of the most popular Odoo Apps are:

  • Sales & CRM: Automate all sales activities and processes. Sell more and faster to boost revenue.
  • Human Resources Management: Helping your employees perform at their full potential and boosting their satisfaction.
  • Accounting & Finance: Streamline accounting procedures to save time, reduce paperwork and get paid faster
  • Productivity: Enable effective task management, and enhance communication and collaboration to get more things done in less time.
  • Supply Chain Management: Easily keep track of stock availability, inventory management, and production capability to ensure smooth and efficient processes.
  • Operations: Help track project performance and employees’ availability for accurate forecasting needs & resources and timelines.

Discover more about Odoo Apps

Odoo pricing

Odoo pricing plans are based on the number of users and Odoo apps you choose for your business needs. You can access the Free version of Odoo called Odoo Community edition through Odoo download and Odoo Github.

SaaS standard pricing for Odoo Enterprise version starts at $35 per month for 1 user annually or $28 per month with new customer discounts.

If you need support to customize and implement Odoo for your business, you can choose to work with a partner like MonsterOdoo for full Odoo services. We offer a detailed plan and quote for your Odoo implementation project to optimize your budget and maximize the benefits for your business.

Final thoughts

MonsterOdoo is a team of top-tier business software developers and consultants.

We specialize in providing Odoo ERP solutions and services that help businesses automate and streamline processes to achieve unmatched business growth.

Odoo ERP implementation is a long-term journey on which we can accompany you with prompt support, transparent communications, and high-quality development standards.

Let’s discuss your project and get a tailored Odoo ERP solution to release your business potential.