Odoo is known as a completely customizable, fully integrated, all-in-one open-source software packed with hundreds of business solutions. These ERP systems can be a good alternative to NetSuite, Quickbooks and other systems focused on small- and mid-size organizations. This article provides an objective Odoo review: the strengths, and weaknesses of this emerging solution.

odoo review

Things we know about Odoo

Odoo is an open source ERP software to build a comprehensive enterprise management and operation system. To have an evaluation of Odoo, we will study both versions that it is providing : Community and Enterprise. Each version integrates a variety of features such as accounting, project management, customer management, human resources, warehouse management, sales, purchasing, POS, …

With options for every size or budget, Odoo is tailored to help companies grow with a variety of efficient, easy-to-use business solutions.

Currently, Odoo has a community of 7 million users with millions of business support applications. Let’s see why so many people love using this ERP software so much.

What are the strengths of the Odoo system? Odoo review here!

Full integration of business management software

If you work on separate software solutions that don’t interact effectively, you may have to enter data multiple times and lack an overview of the entire process.

Between the Odoo app and tens of thousands of other Community apps, you can connect them with a single, integrated and cost-effective solution: no extra work: no extra work to combine different applications of technology jobs.

In the Odoo software review, we appreciate that the applications in the Odoo system integrate seamlessly with each other. This allows you to fully automate your business processes to save money and reap the benefits.

Odoo review: Open source ERP allows applications to be developed

Odoo’s open source development model has enabled us to mobilize thousands of developers and freelancers worldwide to build a business application ecosystem. This delivers a modern and sophisticated design in Odoo’s unique software architecture. In addition, it also brings completeness and high utility, applicable to all applications of the system.

Diverse integration of all the modules you need for your business

Specifically, Odoo includes more than 35 modules that are essential components of a business. We have shown a list of Odoo modules that help the company in many ways.

The Accounting module is compatible with accounting practices in nearly 100 countries. The website module allows users to arbitrarily drag and drop blocks on the screen to set up the website as desired. Email client to save time, easy to search and manage tasks by filter

Automated analysis and reporting module: Sales data is fully automated and simplified data collection and analysis. This data is also seamlessly organized across departments and accessed quickly on a single system.

This minimizes errors in data entry and synthesis. If you’re a manager, it will help you understand what’s causing your business’s low performance. Odoo makes reporting easy and can cut time by up to 70% compared to manual reporting.

Odoo ecommerce review: Odoo is the solution to help e-commerce become more developed. Users can access the point-of-sale management application, access customer information, and pay from a tablet or phone. In addition, the system provides livechat utility to support customers when accessing the website. Connect to a bank account in the Enterprise version for transaction verification purposes. Odoo ERP makes it easy for users to track products from production to delivery.

Even when disconnected from the internet, users can still make payments and track the number of items sold.

Save money for business

Your purchase of an ERP system can take up a larger portion of your total budget no matter how flexible the packages are. Small and medium businesses will have to think about spending on ERP systems. However, the cost is consistent, maintained stable. Odoo owns a competitive price compared to other ERP business management software in the same segment in the market. Especially when departments can easily share information with each other in Odoo. This eliminates the time and cost of connecting separate applications and manually entering data from different systems.

Odoo review by expert: The real benefits of ERP can only be experienced and benefits in the long run by improving ROI and increasing productivity.

Disadvantage when you start using Odoo

We surveyed over 100 Odoo users about this issue. They all said that the biggest barrier was the initial implementation process. You may not know where to find the function keys or enter the wrong password and don’t know what to do… So you need to follow the instructions on the website or youtube carefully if you decide to choose Odoo. Unless of course you are willing to pay for the support packages offered by Odoo which we find to be very expensive.

Overall this is a system this is a great toolkit and it has helped many businesses overcome the gap from start-up to SME.

Odoo review reddit: Read and think

Peter is a trader with 10 years of experience. Currently, he has a medium-sized e-commerce business with about 50 employees. He wrote a blog on Reddit about Odoo with the title: Buckle your seatbelt, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

He shared that the reason for choosing Odoo is because of the balance between price and business needs. Odoo is clearly not the cheapest but it’s not the most expensive either. However, the functions provided are easy to understand, use and put into operation quickly. It is quite cost effective because we do not have to pay for a complex system that does not use most of the features.

Odoo review 2022, he and his colleagues consider Odoo is an extremely powerful software in business management 4.0. The ERP is excellent at automating our manufacturing process whereby our production manager has only to add orders to the system while the system itself creates the PO’s, calculates times and helps us to schedule our work. The CRM for the sales side is really easy to use and browse through and has a very good tagging feature allowing me (as sales director) to easily filter accounts and keep track of leads.


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