What is CRM marketing?

CRM definition

CRM marketing stands for Customer Relationship Management Marketing. It is a term referring to the strategies and tactics, as well as to the technologies supporting the execution of managing the interactions with existing customers and prospects throughout the customer lifecycle. However, this term is most commonly used to indicate CRM software or technology solutions.

CRM software facilitates Marketers and Sellers essential tools to develop and manage all customer relationships.

After collecting and storing all data of potential and existing customers in a CRM system, marketers can track information across every touchpoint throughout the customer journey (from the contact form, engagement with marketing campaigns, interaction with customer support and sale process, buying patterns, etc). As a result, marketers can have an insightful understanding of customers’ needs, build better relationships with them and help to close more deals.

64% companies say CRM are impactful

Adopting the right CRM software can help businesses across all industries grow and boost sales. According to a study on Linkedin, more than 64% of companies say CRM tools are impactful or very impactful.

Goals of CRM Marketing

In short, the goal of CRM systems is to offer all the tools required to gather and manage data about people who are important to your business. CRM serves as a hub for organizing and making sense of valuable audience data and insights.

As a marketer, you need to gather and manage valuable data after campaigns to see how your consumer engaged with them. All interactions are counted and recorded such as clicks, views, and purchases across new, existing, and prospective customers.

Thus, with the help of CRM software, marketers can collect, organize and manage these valuable data resources in effective and smart practice. In return, these resources will be the solid background for marketers to build more insightful and data-driven marketing campaigns to help them generate more leads, and qualified prospects and grow sales.

CRM Marketing Automation

A CRM can be integrated with marketing automation software to create a comprehensive solution for the seamless management of sales and marketing strategies.

CRM marketing automation begins with the first interaction a potential customer makes with a brand and continues throughout the customer journey. The system captures all relevant data about every customer at all their touchpoints, such as filling in forms, ads clicks, conversations with customer support, etc. Then, it automatically generates personalized and relevant customer communications based on those data. The content of these communications varies according to the character of the customer, the type of interaction and the stage in the customer journey that the interaction occurred.

Businesses at all sizes and industries can have tailored CRM marketing automation to suit their specific needs. You can use CRM marketing automation tools to regularly segment your customers based on their activities and transactions, send personalized messages, offers, and incentives via their favored channels, track responses and even automatically optimize future communications with customers.

CRM marketing automation is an extremely useful software that helps marketing teams strategically manage their communications with enormous quantities of customers and potential customers. Marketers have more time to focus on the creative parts of their business thanks to CRM marketing automation solutions.

Level up your Marketing and Sales game with MonsterOdoo CRM

MonsterOdoo provides a CRM solution based on the Odoo platform to help businesses maximize their Marketing efforts. With MonsterOdoo CRM, marketers are not only equipped with tools for data management but also sales and marketing automation, professional quotes and invoicing, accurate reports, etc.

Key features of MonsterOdoo CRM are:

  • Intuitive Dashboard for a better overview of the sales activities, opportunities, etc
  • Automatically generate leads from emails, VoIP calls. Send quotes in just a few clicks, manage your pipeline with drag & drop, etc.
  • Create campaigns to automatically nurture leads by sending emails tailored to the lead segment and activities of the lead.
  • Pipeline management with a clear overview of the opportunity pipeline. Set up specific stages for each sales team. Possibility to create sub-stages to better organize the processes.
  • Efficient communication with customers by professional email templates, VoIP, messages
  • Leads Analysis provides statistics about your sources of leads to evaluate the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

And much more awesome CRM features to boost your Marketing and Sales performance.

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