Arestós was facing significant challenges in managing its diverse and growing client portfolio. The process of tracking projects, billing clients, and managing resources was becoming increasingly complex. The existing systems were disjointed and lacked the necessary integration to provide a comprehensive view of operations. As a result, Arestós was experiencing inefficiencies that hindered its ability to deliver optimal customer service and manage its growth effectively.


Identifying the need for a robust and integrated solution, Arestós decided to implement an ERP system. After evaluating several solutions, the company chose Odoo ERP for its comprehensive features, flexibility, and scalability.


Arestós collaborated with an Odoo implementation partner to customize and configure the ERP system according to its unique needs. The implementation process was designed to minimize disruption to ongoing operations and ensure a smooth transition. A phased approach was adopted, starting with core modules such as project management and accounting before expanding to other areas.

Arestós Web Design Enhanced Operation Effeciency with MonsterOdoo Solution
Arestós Web Design Enhanced Operation Effeciency with MonsterOdoo Solution

the Solution

Odoo, a comprehensive and integrated ERP solution, emerged as the ideal tool to tackle Arestós’s unique challenges. Offering a range of interconnected modules, Odoo provided a unified platform for managing web design projects, client communication, time tracking, and financials.

The Outcome

  • The implementation of Odoo had a transformative impact on Arestós’s operations:

  • Streamlined Workflow: Odoo’s unified platform improved inter-departmental collaboration and brought clarity to project workflows, increasing project delivery speed by 25%.

  • Enhanced Project Management: Real-time task tracking and project management, combined with effective version control, improved project delivery timelines and reduced project overruns by 20%.

  • Improved Client Relationship Management: The CRM module provided a comprehensive view of client interactions, leading to a 15% improvement in client satisfaction and retention.

  • Efficient Financial Management: Automated invoicing based on accurate time tracking reduced billing errors by 30%, and real-time financial reporting improved budget management.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Odoo’s robust reporting tools facilitated strategic, data-driven decisions, enhancing the company’s growth strategy.


Implementing Odoo at Arestós Web Design showcased the transformative power of an integrated ERP system in addressing the unique challenges of a web design agency. By unifying project management, client communication, and financial management, Odoo not only streamlined operations but also improved client satisfaction, financial accuracy, and strategic decision-making. This case study serves as a compelling testament to the potential of Odoo in revolutionizing operations in the web design industry.

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